Push Present Jewelry


About Push Present Jewelry

Push presents are a new tradition: a gift that a father gives a new mother to celebrate the birth of a child. A push present is also a future heirloom: a wonderful way to remind your child how happy you were to welcome him or her into the family. Since jewelry is a common way to celebrate milestones, jewelry is the most popular push present. Rings are the most popular choice, a symbol of the bond between mother and child, just as strong as marriage.

Often a push present ring is set with the baby's birthstone. Stackable rings are one of the most popular push present ring options because additional rings can be added as the family grows. Rings with the mom and dad's birthstones can also be added to the stack. Other popular push presents include birthstone pendants, birthstone stud earrings, symbolic pendants like knots or hearts, and jewelry styles set with pink and blue gems for a girl or a boy. Because you'll want your push present jewelry piece to be an heirloom, a classic and timeless jewelry style with a personal touch will be a brilliant reminder of this day that can be enjoyed for generations. Also consider a piece that celebrates your new family, combining all your birthstones in one ring or pendant, like Gemvara's mother's rings or family jewelry. Our customers tell us that their children enjoy pointing out the gem that stands for them in our modern mother's rings. A ring that has the new baby's birthstone along with your other children can be a lovely way to celebrate your growing family.


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